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Re: [tlug] Partition sizes

["A.Sajjad Zaidi" (Re: [tlug] Partition sizes) writes:]
>> / should be as small as possible since it doesnt/shouldnt change much. I
>> usually make it about 180MB on a RH system. It should use up about 100MB
>> at most.

I can see the sense of keeping /home and /boot away, but what is the
case for breaking out /usr, /usr/tmp, etc.?  Seems like it is asking for
granularity problems.

Are there clear advantages, especially given that with a notebook I have
restricted capability to offload and repartition?

>> With 15GB here is what the total would look like:
>> /boot	32MB
>> swap	256MB (128MB RAM x 2)

I know 2 x RAM is the orthodox view. I have some XML tools that use
memory space grossly, and I'd like to be sure, given I have one chance
to get it right.

>> /	180MB
>> /var	1GB

My RH7.1 /var is only about 90Mb used

>> /tmp	256MB (should be the same as RAM, but 128 is pretty small)
>> /usr	1.5GB
>> /usr/local	2GB

Hmmm. My /usr/local is only about 40Mb used. The rest of /usr is 2.7Gb.
/usr/share, /usr/bin and /usr/lib are the main components. /usr/share
alone is 1.2Gb.

>> /home	the rest (about 9GB)
>> 60MB for /boot looks excessive. Even with about 10 kernels, my 32MB
>> partition is about half full, but whats 60MB at todays prices?

Yes, my present 55Mb partition is only about 13Mb used. It has 4
kernels, I see. Still, 60Mb is noise.


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