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Re: [tlug] Partition sizes

[Josh Glover (Re: [tlug] Partition sizes) writes:]
>> I just had a nasty thought. What if, and this is assuming that you were
>> definitely hacked, what if the hacker screwed with your Windows partitions
>> as well? Unless I am overlooking something, it would be feasible for him to
>> mount your Windows partitions as root (if he got root, that is) and do
>> whatever to them.
>> Just a (maybe overly paranoid) thought. If it were me, I might reinstall my
>> Windows partitions too. Periodic reinstalls are good for Windows anyway! ;)

I can't see any date changes, etc. in the Windows partition. From the
minimal footprints left behind, I'd say it was a scripted attack, and
most likely something like a DOS setup. I doubt if anyone doing that
would also go looking for a mountable Windows partition.

Anyway, I boot into Windows on this system about once every three months
normally. I think I'll risk it, as a re-install, being a notebook, it a
bit messy.

I'll keep it in mind, though.


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