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Re: tlug: Sound Blaster Live!

Talking about sound in Linux, here's from slashdot:

OpenAL Audio Library Released

  Posted by Hemos on Thursday March 09,
  from the code-wants-to-be-free dept.

  Straker Skunk writes, "Loki, in conjunction with Creative Labs, has
  announced OpenAL, an LGPL'ed audio library for 3D sound generation.
  It's aimed for use in games as a cross-platform, nonproprietary means
  of accessing the 3D sound features on many newer sound cards.
  What's especially cool about it is that the API is designed with the
  same style, philosophy, and polish as OpenGL. Given enough time, it
  might very well become just as popular. " I've always been a fan of Loki
  and it's great to see them supporting the community - someone also sent
  an interview with Michael Vance, one of the developers behind OpenAL,
  who talks about the development of OpenAL and how it compares to other
  sound offerings. 

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