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tlug: Getting online perl app to do Japanese

Hi folks.

I finally got my RH6.0 laptop to speak to my Omron TA!!  Thanks to everyone 
on this list for all their great help.

I have another question.  I am using a perl-based Hotmail-clone 
called "neomail" (check Freshmeat or SourceForge) to access my mail over 
the web when I'm stuck behind a firewall.  I would like to modify this 
application so I can send and read Japanese e-mail as long as I'm using a 
client computer that can do Japanese.

What I'm looking for is any documents (in English) that talk about creating 
programs to speak Japanese and deal with Japanese e-mail.  Right now I can 
read e-mail in Japanese by just displaying it raw from the mail spool to 
the web page, but I can't write mail in Japanese (it gets garbled in 
transmission) and I can't do subjects.

Any pointers appreciated.  Thanks!!

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