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Re: tlug: Sound Blaster Live! (resend posted this from wrong account before)

On Sun, Mar 05, 2000 at 02:29:27PM -0800, Christopher Sekiya wrote:
> On Mon, Feb 28, 2000 at 11:09:18PM -0700, Marc E. Christensen wrote:
> > This is absolutely not true.  They have opensourced the driver (actually
> > released under the GPL) which is avaiable on
> Uh, hold on there ... I note with interest that the hardware features that
> make the SBLive really stand apart from, say, the Ensoniq 137[01] are _not_
> supported.  No surround sound, no sequencer ... dsp is all you get.  Bloody
> expensive SB16, that.

It also supports the SPDIF input/outputs.  (But you're right, the rear
speakers just mirror the front in the Linux driver.) The signal-to-noise
ratio is also considerably better than the typical SB16, which can be
significant if you do much recording or other audio input applications.

> Reference to the binary driver is made in the FAQ, which accords pretty well
> with my recollection of Creative's position statement -- they purchased the
> technology from another company, and the terms of that purchase prevented
> publishing documentation.  I'm surprised as hell that they released _any_

Creative bought E-MU back in 1993, well before the Emu10K1 chip.


P.S.  I am *not* a spokesperson for Creative Technology.  Or Data Stream KK,
for that matter.  But I am employed by the latter, which does a lot of work
for the former.

Jim Tittsler, Tokyo   ICQ: 5981586

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