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Re: tlug: Sound Blaster Live! (resend posted this from wrong account before)

(apologies for the delay in reply -- sendmail on hikari is still doing weird
stuff, didn't receive Marc's message until a little while ago)

On Mon, Feb 28, 2000 at 11:09:18PM -0700, Marc E. Christensen wrote:

> This is absolutely not true.  They have opensourced the driver (actually
> released under the GPL) which is avaiable on

Uh, hold on there ... I note with interest that the hardware features that
make the SBLive really stand apart from, say, the Ensoniq 137[01] are _not_
supported.  No surround sound, no sequencer ... dsp is all you get.  Bloody
expensive SB16, that.

Reference to the binary driver is made in the FAQ, which accords pretty well
with my recollection of Creative's position statement -- they purchased the
technology from another company, and the terms of that purchase prevented
publishing documentation.  I'm surprised as hell that they released _any_

Anyway, I stand corrected.

-- Chris
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