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tlug: book recommendation

らぶらぶ Linux 「コマンドバージン」のためのシステム管理入門
西村 めぐみ 著

you know i've spent the last 14 days to learn Linux from almost ground up.
I bought and read countless books (English and Japanese)  but this one is
the absolute recommendation for people changing to Linux from Windows.

the book is very simple and to the point.  I've had a long careear with
computers so I knew all the basics except the Linux interface that was new
to me.  This book tells you how to do it very effeciently if you know what
to do.

For instance, I wanted the periodic backup of all my data and found that
'rsync' was the way to go.  Well, none of the other books including 'Red Hat
Linux 6.0 Unleashed' failed to mention this.  But this one did.

I guess you can find it in any bookstore in Japan.

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