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Re: tlug: New Member

Hi Michael.

At 22:46 00/3/9 -0900, you wrote:
> I joined the mailing list a while ago. According to the FAQ this
> made me a member of the TLUG so I felt I should introduce myself.

Welcome to the TLUG main list!

> I joined the list because I'm interested in things like Linux, 
> UNIX, the Internet, Java, C, Perl, databases, open source,
> dot-org, dot-com and everything else in this general direction.
> TLUG seems like a great place to meet people with similar 
> interests.

You came to the right place. Hope to see you on Saturday.

BTW, I forgot to mention, I'll be bringing a few CD-ROMs
from developerWorks, covering XML ("Introduction to XML:
what is it, how can I use it today, applying XML and a 
case study") and Java ("XML Programming in Java") to be
given out at the meeting.

Next Technical Meeting: March 11 (Sat) 13:00 Temple University Japan
* Topic: "What's new in Perl 5.6"
Guest speaker: Simon Cozens (TLUG Perl guru)
Next Nomikai Meeting: April 20 (Thu) Linux Conference 2000 Spring Ed.
more info:        Sponsor: Global Online Japan

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