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tlug: developerWorks (was Re: Journaling Filesystems)

At 20:22 00/3/7 -0700, you wrote:
> Also if you want to learn kernel internals and implementation of a
> filesystem, watch IBM's JFS. When first released, it could only mount
> and ls (showing . adn ..). After 4 weeks touch,mkdir,rm,rmdir work.
> If things wo in this speed, we'll be able to read and write to files
> in 4 weeks.

JFS was released through developerWorks

Particularly, the Linux Zone
is meant to be a contact point for developers and Linux users. It also
hosts a CVS repository for some open-sourced projects (as is the case
of JFS).

I didn't want to make propaganda about it myself, but it happens
that I was recently appointed to the editorial advisory board of 
the japanese site
and will need some help.

If anyone has any ideas for articles or topics to be covered, please
drop me a note. Comments and suggestions about the site are also
welcomed. And if anyone wants to write papers, articles or pieces of
code related to Linux, we're accepting submissions (either in
English or Japanese).

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