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tlug: complex VPN problem (fwd)

Here's a neat one for you - pptp/ppp/linux VPN... Let me know if you have
any ideas, this one is a bit of a mystery :)  thanks.

Scott M. Stone, CCNA <>
UNIX Systems and Network Engineer
Taos - The SysAdmin Company 

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Date: Mon, 6 Mar 2000 08:05:31 -0800 (PST)
From: Scott M. Stone <>
To: Taos Network List <>
Subject: complex VPN problem

OK, this is a bit odd.. I have a Linux box with 2 ethernet cards.  One
card goes directly to my DSL line, with a static IP.  the other card goes
to an 8-port hub which has two other PCs attached to it.

Ok, so the IP masquerading/routing/firewalling/port forwarding seems to
work, all the machines can browse, etc, etc.  I have ipsec on the router
box as well, to connect to my client site for doing email at home through
their notes server, that works great as well.

HOWEVER, I tried to set up a pptp connection last night to a friend of
mine who's using Windows 98.  I installed and configured the linux pptpd
program, and installed PPP.  The pptp connection is established, pppd
starts and assigns IP addresses (I assigned my friend's remote machine an
IP on my private subnet,, and I'm using proxyarp with
pppd).  Now, pppd is working fine, or so I think.  From my ROUTER machine
(which is (eth1), (eth0), and now (ppp0)), I can see the remote pc (on  The
remote PC can ping ALL of the interfaces on the router, including  HOWEVER, the problem is that the remote PC cannot access, which is one of my internal PCs on my 8-port hub.  Nor can access the remote PC.  However, .2 can access the 'net
through that same gateway, and can access the LAN pointed to by ipsec0
without any problems.

What am I doing wrong here?  Should I be assigning ppp0 the same IP
address as eth1 (  I also tried assigning a different subnet
for the ppp interface and then setting up routing -- same results, no

Any help is greatly appreciated... thanks.

Scott M. Stone, CCNA <>
UNIX Systems and Network Engineer
Taos - The SysAdmin Company 

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