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tlug: Re: [li18nux:392] Call for information on Unicode (UTF-8) enabled packages

[P5P, for your information]

Alberto Tomita (lists.tlug):
>From the li18nux mailing list. Does anyone has anything
>to report on this?
>At 10:43 00/3/9 +0900, you wrote:
>> Dear members of Li18nux.
>> For preparation of the Linux Internationalization specification discussion
>> in the next Li18nux meeting. I would like to gather information
>> which components/package of Linux or PATCHs to the package
>> are Unicode/UTF-8 enabled. The packages would include, GNU text tools,
>> Shell, SED, AWK, Perl ........
>> If you have any information on the Unicode/UTF-8 support status of
>> those packages, or if you know the existance of Unicode/UTF-8 enablement
>> PATCHes to those tools, please post the information to this mailing list.

I'll put something together about Perl 5.6's Unicode support when I take
delivery of the next set of tuits. (Sunday, I think.)
If anyone's got any thoughts, let me know.

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