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tlug: New Member


I joined the mailing list a while ago. According to the FAQ this
made me a member of the TLUG so I felt I should introduce myself.

My name is Michael Schubart and I arrived in Tokyo in September
of last year. I'm here by means of a two year scholarship. During
the first year I'm studying Japanese, in the second year I will 
try to work as an intern at a Japanese or international company.

Before I came to Japan I graduaded in computer science at
Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany. My thesis was a
system for verifying the correctness of programs. I wrote it in
Java using Linux.

I joined the list because I'm interested in things like Linux, 
UNIX, the Internet, Java, C, Perl, databases, open source,
dot-org, dot-com and everything else in this general direction.
TLUG seems like a great place to meet people with similar 

I've already been to the last nomikai and I'm looking forward
to meeting you folks at the technical meeting on Saturday.


Michael Schubart                   
Next Technical Meeting: March 11 (Sat) 13:00 Temple University Japan
* Topic: "What's new in Perl 5.6"
Guest speaker: Simon Cozens (TLUG Perl guru)
Next Nomikai Meeting: April 20 (Thu) Linux Conference 2000 Spring Ed.
more info:        Sponsor: Global Online Japan

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