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Re: [Lingo] Buy-in

On Mon, May 14, 2012 at 12:59:41PM +1000, Jim Breen wrote:

> >>Project communications are often lacking resulting on lack
> >>of *buy-in* from key stakeholders.

> "resulting on"? That's not any English. Who wrote it?
> My guess is "buy-in" means "paid commitment". Not BrEng

IMHO, at least in the US, it's kind of a buzz word--in the same way that rather than call someone, you
"reach out," to them.  

Buy-in, in this case, at least in the NY area, is more likely to be accept or believe.  
There's a slang phrase, to buy, meaning believe or accept.  For example, "She told me the
reason that she couldn't go out with me was because she'd planned to wash her hair, but I'm not
buying that."

I suspect that buy-in, in this case, is more along those lines, rather than any real implication of 
money.  In this sentence though, it might also mean participation,  
though I've not heard it used that way. 

Scott Robbins
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