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Re: [Lingo] Re: [tlug] Emergency nomikai August 17th?

On 05/08/07, Josh Glover <> wrote:

> 内の妻:ジョシュの目がちょっと弱くなってきたので、眼鏡を買いに行かなくちゃね。
> この俺様:そうだね。目がねぇ。
> 日本人の友達:はははははは

And I just realised that I should probably translate this. :)

My Wife: Josh's eyes have gotten pretty weak, so we need to go
shopping for glasses.
Me (Arrogantly): Yup. I don't have eyes...
Japanese Friends: Hahahahaha...

The pun is that the word for glasses, "megane" (眼鏡), sounds like the
phrase "me (eyes) ga nai (don't exist)" (目がない), when the latter is
spoken in a Tokyo hood accent. Yakuza, punk-ass high school toughs,
and drunk guys turn あい  (あかさたなはまやらわ applies, of course) sounds into えぇ


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