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[Lingo] Re: [tlug] Emergency nomikai August 17th?

Nguyen Vu Hung wrote:
Josh Glover さんは書きました:
On 02/08/07, steven smith <> wrote:

And how big is a boot?

Depends on the size of your car, mate. ;)

Can you translate this ( American? ) joke into other languages? :D

Drinking beer with a boot? I think there must be some neta behind I don't know.

Perhaps my English never reach this level: Understand and making joke in English.

Any tips?

This isn't really a joke. It's some kind of a spin off from a pun where one person says a sentence meaning one thing and the second person twists it to mean something different. In this case, the different meaning comes out of the fact that boot means something in UK English (?) than it does in American English.

For a joke the proper response is to laugh, but for a pun, it's a groan.

Do the Japanese have an equivalent to a pun?

Steve S.
P.S. I'll cross post this to Lingo -- which is probably where it belongs.

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