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Re: [Lingo] words with kanji in common

2007/7/16, Jim Breen <>:

> Sure. has been around for a while, and is *very* impressive.

Thank you. I'm very happy with the response I have gotten on But naturally it wouldn't be here without the WWWJDIC
dictionaries, so if we're ever in the same city I'll buy you a few
beers :)

> > I know Kim's stuff ( is written in Perl (Catalyst, right
> > Kim?), but maybe you guys could share some interface design tips; I
> > know Kim is using some AJAX to cool effect for multi-radical kanji
> > lookup.

Yep, Catalyst all the way. Actually, at first it was done in a
home-grown framework, but that quickly grew out of hand when I wanted
to add functionality [1]. The Catalyst-powered was launched
in February 2006.

I wouldn't mind sharing code at all. I've released small portions,
mainly the dictionary parsing scripts, privately to people who have
asked. But that also requires having the backend database and schema,
currently implemented with DBIx::Class - unless you rewrite the output
parts of the scripts. Although I'm not quite happy with my schema yet.
I mean to rewrite it to add JMdict support, but haven't found an
elegant solution yet. It's also not on the top of my priority list.

The interface code I also don't mind sharing. I know of at least one
person that has borrowed the radical search HTML and CSS. Although I
mean to rewrite the Javascript behind that to clean it up a bit and
switch from Prototype.js to JQuery.js.

I also have some far-fetched plans on rewriting the look of
to make it even easier to read and use, and to allow for a few new
features. But currently I'm working on a keitai-version, which I'll
probably be bugging the main TLUG list with later.


Kim Ahlström

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