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[Lingo] Re: [Resend] Re: [tlug] Translation

On 03/08/07, Nguyen Vu Hung <> wrote:

> I don't know if this is the right thread to ask question on translation.

Not really. I'm replying to Lingo and CCing you. Please subscribe to
Lingo if you have not already:

> In part 12 of the story we are working on
> there is a sentence that I don't understand well.
> --------
> There had been forty-three of them on D-Day. Now there were fifteen. Six
> had responded to the call for a meeting by simply leaving. Everyone knew
> without having to be told what the meeting was about.
> "So that's it, you're going to let it all fall apart?" Sario was the
> only one with the energy left to get properly angry. He'd go angry to
> his grave. The veins on his throat and forehead stood out angrily. His
> fists shook angrily. All the other geeks went lids-down at the site of
> him, looking up in unison for once at the discussion, not keeping one
> eye on a chat-log or a tailed service log.
> --------
> "So that's it, you're going to let it all fall apart?"
> What is he talking about? Can anyone on the list explain this?

Sure. Sario is asking Felix if he is really going to give up on
everything that he had worked so hard to build.

"To fall apart" in English can mean to have a nervous breakdown or
crying fit if the object is a person; e.g.

"After her boyfriend started drinking heavily, she started to fall
apart." (She became sad, moody, angry, lazy, something; not her former

When referring to a abstract thing, however, "to fall apart" means to
dissolve or break down; e.g.

"The treaty between Nazi German and Stalinist Russia would eventually
fall apart, making the two nations bitter enemies."

Got it?


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