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Re: rhetorical form [was: Re: [Lingo] you have got to be kidding]

On Tue, Jun 26, 2007 at 01:37:59PM +0900, Josh Glover wrote:
> On 26/06/07, Mattia Dongili <> wrote:
> >「だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹙」/「でしょう」 seems a bit less "strong" than 「ようです」 (at
> >least that's what I get from my Japanese grammar book).
> >So my vote goes to 「ようです」, clues?
> 'cept you cannot use 「ようです」 here.

/me kindly asks why

> >And what if we change the original a little into "Are you kidding?"
> >Would 「冗談だ纔瘢韭絎竢蹠\xC2 闥 「冗談ですね」 work?
> Nah, 「冗談じゃないか?」 is the winner in my book. :)

why not -ね?
It give me the impression that the -ね form implies a "right?/aren't
you?" that gives the idea of the answer I expect.


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