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Re: tlug: Getting Debian?

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From: Neil Booth <>
To: <>
Sent: October 12, 1999 6:47 AM
Subject: Re: tlug: Getting Debian?

> John Seebach wrote:-
> >
> > I ordered the 4 Debian CD's from one of the sellers of cheap CD's in the
> > US, because I wasn't sure where to get them in Japan.  I think it was
> > or something like that; probably any of those places are
> > although if you can, try to choose one that donates a percentage back to
> > SPI/Debian from each CD purchased.
> You can get Debian JP from Plathome 4th Floor in Akihabara, near the
> Laox Computer Kan, and I'm sure that the non-JP versions are on those
> 6-CD combos from Infomagic.  They may even stock the English version
> in its own box, but I'm not sure.  I started out with RH and
> Turbolinux, but now I'm a Debian convert.

    I was thinking of TurboLinux, but couldn't find much info about it in
English.  It's based on RH, right?  What I like so far about Debian is there
is lots of info like updates/patches/security stuff in English.  But I
haven't found anything like that for TurboLinux.  Is there any?

    Thanks for the info.  I hope it's not too hard to get Debian up and
running with Japanese support.

James Calver

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