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Re: tlug: Getting Debian?

On Sun, Oct 10, 1999 at 02:19:12PM -0700, James Calver wrote:
> I'm planning to try setting up Debian to try and get Japanese language
> support.  What I'm wondering is what is the best way to get the Debian
> CD's?  From what I understand, I should get the Debian CD's (2 or 4
> discs), and then get the Debian-JP packages CD.  Is this right?

I ordered the 4 Debian CD's from one of the sellers of cheap CD's in the
US, because I wasn't sure where to get them in Japan.  I think it was or something like that; probably any of those places are ok,
although if you can, try to choose one that donates a percentage back to
SPI/Debian from each CD purchased. 

So yeah, ordering them within canada or at least north america would
probably be your best bet.

As far as getting the JP packages goes, I think it depends on how much
japanese support you really want / need. For me, being able to read / write
japanese electronically is all I care about. Don't know about printing,
because I don't own a printer -- someone else will have to answer that.

When I was going to install Debian, someone on this list pointed out that
all the packages that I'd need for this could be found on the CD's, and
they were right on (well, nearly -- I'd recommend adding kinput2, which can
be had for the downloading from the debian JP site. Note that you probably
can skip this if you want to use Xemacs for all your textual needs). I
think I may have downloaded another couple of packages from Debian JP, I
can't remember which. Nothing that I've used much. It would certainly no
more than a meg or two to download.

There are even more japanese packages being merged into the unstable branch
of Debian (plain Debian, not Debian JP) every week.

Point is, there's really no need to get the Debian JP CD if you just want
to be able to read/write (and possibly print?) japanese text. You can do
most/all of that with plain old Debian right out of the box. Er, off of the
CD's. It doesn't really come with a box.

> Thanks for any info!  Also, once I start setting it up, I will likely
> have more questions to ask.

Feel free to mail me. Good luck. 

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