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Re: tlug: software RAID1 on Linux

tlug note from (John Little)

   I've just come back from a trip abroad and can't see any other
   answers to your email, so although this is rather late...

% This is my first posting to this mailing list. Yes, I finally found TLUG
% maling list. I searched so hard for the past months.

   Welcome! I'm sorry you had a tough time finding the list. Where 
   should we be advertising?

% Has anyone tried software raid 1 on linux?
% I have RedHat 4.2 (kernel 2.030) with Raid 1 patched and recompiled. Now
% I've been tring to setup up HD mirroring of 2 U-SCSI drives.
% If you have any experence with this, please send any commnets. Thanks.

   I've tried *some* simple RAID configurations with Linux.  I only
   tried striping and concatenation though, as the documentation
   indicates that there are major problems ("pathological unstability")
   with mirroring. What are the problems you're having?


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