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tlug: FW: Returned mail: Host unknown (Name server

tlug note from "Francks Trane (Tokyo PO)" <>

Hmmmm. Tried sending this to Rob directly, but it got
bounced. Here it is for the rest of the list. Sorry about
being off-topic.


From:  rob
Sent:  Wednesday, 17 September, 1997 14:20
To:  Francks; tlug
Subject:  RE: tlug: ISDN

> I'm sorry that this is probably really getting off of the subject of
> this mail group (Linux), but people keep mentioning テレ放題
> (Telehodai).
> I want to know what this is (actually, I assume it is local calling
> for one price, rather than for the number and length of calls made)
> and how much is it.

Hi, Rob.

Yes, Telehodai is a service offered by NTT in which you
can register up to two data numbers for reduced access
charges. For truly local calls, the rate is 1,800 yen/mo.
per registered number for unlimited access between
11 PM and 8 AM daily. If you're outside the "local"
area but within 20 km of your connection point, the
rate is 3,600 yen/mo.

Accessing the registered numbers outside of telehodai
hours costs the same as any other call.



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