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tlug: Japanese TeX/Latex : new book+CDROM just out

tlug note from Dennis McMurchy <>

  I haven't posted for a good long time now (I've been too busy
wading through a whole summer's worth of unread email).

  I think some of you will probably be interested in a very
nice-looking new book on pTex/pLatex2e that just came out a few
days ago: "Latex2e Bibunsho Sakusei Nyuumon" , Okumura Haruhiko,
Gijutsu Hyooron Sha K.K., Tokyo 1997/09/25  Y 2980.

  I have only had a quick look at it, but it seems very intelligently
done (how many Japanese computer books can you say that about?).
It has a ten-page index (always a good sign) and the 344 pages of
text cover everything from Tex/Latex basics and JbibTeX to the
installation of the software, which is provided on a cute little
CD-single CDROM (I'd never seen one of these) that holds almost 100
Mbytes of material.  

  On the CDROM there's a complete pTex/pLatex2e system for Unices in
source code form that is known to compile under SunOS 4.x, Solaris 2.x,
Sony News, IRIX 5.3, and, last but not least: Lignux!  (There's also a
complete system including pTex/pLatex2e/Mule/Ghostscript for something
called Uindouzu 95/NT, which must be some local OS I've never heard of).

  The compilation instructions for the Unix source code look clear and
straightforward, like everything in this book.  Okumura has written two
earlier books on Latex (1991, 1994), of which this is a major rewrite
focussing on pTex and pLatex2e.  He has a nice clear readable prose
style, and is  writing for other intelligent adults (no pictures here
of cute little Edo morons who can't find the power switch to turn on
their PC).  The book was produced using the tools he's describing,
which is always a nice touch, and a sign that Japan too is, however
slowly, entering the computer age.

  I'd be interested to know what the Tex-savvy among you think of it.


Dennis McMurchy, 
Sointula, B.C. / Tojinmachi, Fukuoka
Canada           Japan

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