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Re: tlug: Introducing myself & requesting some help

tlug note from "A.Tomita,Jr." <>
In message <> you wrote:
> > From my experience Linux run all most all PC I bought. With one
> > exception. That's AMD K6. This sounds so weired but I couln't recompile
> > kernel with this PC. I still don't know why. I took this HD to another
> > PC and was comiled OK. So you may want to be carefull with those PC's.
> There is an acknowledged bug in the K6 that causes this
> behaviour. The last I heard about it, AMD was able to
> reproduce the compile failures under Linux and were
> actively looking for a solution. Any users who are having
> problems with Linux under an AMD processor should
> contact the company -- they really seem interested in
> taking care of any issues that users uncover.

The problem seems to occur when compiling with gcc in a machine with 
more than 32MB. In some cases, downgrading the memory prevents the bug.
This problem was detected with both Linux and Windows NT, but weirdly
not with Win95.

More details at 

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