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the starting point

Sorry if this is two times-- I didn't get a copy and hadn't heard anything. But-

I am setting up a development computer with a number of operating systems on
it. I will use system commander to boot the systems. I have a nice 750MB
partition reserved for Linux on a SCSI HDD. There are two IDE HDDs and the
SCSI. The boot drive is one of the IDE drives. 
Before, I was booting from floppy but with the new system I would like to
boot using sys commander. So, finally the problem -- sys commander
recommends loading the kernel into the root partition of Linux. But the SCSI
drivers for the SCSI HDD won't be loaded (the machine won't see the SCSI
drive until some OS is running) so this won't seem to work.
Any suggestions? I remember Jim talking about loadlin once -- does this
sound like a situation for loadlin?


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