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Re: another message

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Schweizer <> writes:

    Jim> Hi all, Please stop by the TLUG message board
    Jim> occasionally. Here's another post...

No thanks.  The SINET-WIDE-NSPIXP gateway complex in Tokyo seems to
drop about 1 packet in 2, resulting in absurdly low transfer rates.
I've given up on browsing GOL, TWICS, and Shrine-related sites.  Email 
really still does have a role.

Does anybody know if that mess is going to get sorted out?  Inside
SINET (university and government labs, mostly), things are fine.  Many
corporate labs (eg, KDD) have good direct connections to SINET, but
most of the corporate and private ISPs get miserable service.

Our computer center blames the corporate side.  I've noticed in lots
of traceroutes that one often gets substantial delays *within* the
WIDE and NSPIXP hubs, as well in transfers across networks and inside
ISPs.  So that accusation is not as implausible as I would normally
think, given the way the university network regularly does go down,
and every once in a while you get infinite loops inside of Tsukuba's
routing network when they upgrade it :-), since the routing within
Tsukuba's network seems to be fast and reliable (if it works at all

Anybody know what gives with Japan's NOCs?

Steve "getting frustrated with only http://localhost/" Turnbull

                            Stephen J. Turnbull
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