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Re: the starting point

At 02:19 PM 12/13/96 -0900, you wrote:

>Before, I was booting from floppy but with the new system I would like to
>boot using sys commander. So, finally the problem -- sys commander
>recommends loading the kernel into the root partition of Linux. But the SCSI
>drivers for the SCSI HDD won't be loaded (the machine won't see the SCSI
>drive until some OS is running) so this won't seem to work.
>Any suggestions? I remember Jim talking about loadlin once -- does this
>sound like a situation for loadlin?

What is your SCSI controller? Does it have onboard SCSI BIOS? If not - you
have to use software drivers so you can't boot from it. May be you have
simply to enable BIOS?
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