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Re: the starting point

In article <>,
"Stephen P. Casmar" <> wrote:
>drivers for the SCSI HDD won't be loaded (the machine won't see the SCSI
>drive until some OS is running) so this won't seem to work.
>Any suggestions? I remember Jim talking about loadlin once -- does this
>sound like a situation for loadlin?

Yes, as Yuri pointed out, if your SCSI host adapter has a BIOS that
is capable of making the drive visible at the BIOS level (and your
BIOS supports more than two native devices) then the BIOS will be
able to get to the drive before an "operating system" is loaded.

Alternatively, LOADLIN is easy to use and overcomes this problem
as well as the problem posed by cards that require some undocumented
DOS intialization routine... since this way you boot DOS first.
Just copy LOADLIN and your kernel to one of your DOS disks and invoke
with something like:
  loadlin linx2027.zim root=/dev/sda1

You can even built it into a CONFIG.SYS/AUTOEXEC.BAT menu if you like.
Just be aware that LOADLIN will not run under protected environments.
If you are running Win95, you need to either start it in "command line
only" mode or use "shutdown to MSDOS mode" first.
Jim Tittsler, Tokyo  <URL:>

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