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More imagemap'ping

It looks from the code in imagemap.c in the NCSA HTTPd sample
distribution that some PATH_INFO should be passed as part of the HTTP
protocol, this being the name of the actual map.  You should be able
to check this (some httpds don't allow shell scripts I seem to recall)
by substituting the following shell script for the imagemap script:

echo >/tmp/img_map_env PATH_INFO = \"$PATH_INFO\"

(or other world-writable directory besides /tmp; remember that the
httpd is probably running as "nobody").  If you don't recognize the
contents of /tmp/img_map_env, then you got big problems, probably a
missing ISMAP tag in the HTML source.  I don't remember exactly where
this tag belongs, I haven't played with imagemaps since I first
installed the HTTPd about 3 years ago.

Note that if I remember your story correctly, you are using some PDS
tool to make your imagemaps, so it probably doesn't correspond closely
to the NCSA sample implementation, which looks pretty crude from the
developer's standpoint.  In particular you should not take the
imagemap.conf file too seriously.

However, it could be required under your tools as well.  They may
simply provide a user-friendly interface for creating map files for
use with the standard NCSA imagemap program, in which case you need to 
put that program in instead of the files in the HTML
reference, and add them properly to $HTTPD_HOME/conf/imagemap.conf.


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