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imagemap to sono docs; sono ta

Checking the imagemap docs at NCSA, it seems that imagemaps are server
specific.  So if you're running Apache or other non-NCSA servers, you
need to know how they've implemented it.  (Of course they all speak
the same protocol of PATH_INFO in the environment and a coordinate-
pair in the query.  But finding the .map file and how it is configured 
and interpreted apparently differ.)

If you're serving imagemaps and running an NCSA HTTPd with v < 1.5,
you probably want to upgrade.  New NSCA HTTPds do not require an
external imagemap script; they handle them internally, a much more
efficient approach.  This requires adding an extra MIME type in

AddType text/x-imagemap .map

You probably *don't* want to do this in mime.types, since it only
works for the HTTPd.  You need an HTTPd compiled with the support (I
assume the Linux binaries have it, but I don't know for sure).

It is also possible for some clients to handle imagemaps on the client 
side.  I don't know which ones do, and I don't know in particular if
Netscape does.  However, this would probably decrease the load on the
server further when you encounter such a client.

Netscape 2.02 running over Linux 2.0.0 or 2.0.20 hates Java :-(
Seg-faults darake.  Like on every single page at NCSA.  Netscape 3.0
has been downloading for like the last three hours....  :-(

I don't know about you, but I've found getting stuff across the
Pacific pretty awfully slow lately.  In fact, everything not on the
academic net is slow.

If you're finding the same, I'm going to start caching most of the
stuff I get on my server (until such time as I get bored with this
hobby or run out of space ;-) For the moment, all that's there is
imagemap docs from NCSA


as well as a small set of Linux docs and utilities in .../public-ftp/*
If you find it faster, good; if not, you're no worse off.

I have lots of stuff I've down-loaded sitting in my /usr/src/TarFiles
and /usr/local/src/TarFiles.  I'll try to get around to moving them;
if there's something you are having trouble finding or downloading is
too slow, email me and if I have it, I'll try to put it somewhere you
can get at it.

If I get around to putting massive amounts there, I'll make an index
page and announce on the list.

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