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Re: Apache Errors

>>>>> "Jim" == Jim Schweizer <> writes:

    Jim> Since Apache didn't come with an imagemap file I used the 'old'
    Jim> NCSA one. Do I have to use one compiled just for Apache?

Could be, but that shouldn't be the case.  imagemap claims to be
CGI-1.0 compliant, so it should work with any server that understands
CGI.  Does Apache provide any CGI scripts/programs?

    >> and a map file (called imagemap.conf under NCSA HTTPd's sample
    >> implementation).

    Jim> As far as I can 'find' imagemap.conf doesn't exist on
    Jim> wormhole.

Sorry, I didn't mention that ... NCSA doesn't provide one.  You have
to go look at the imagemap docs on NCSA's docs server.  I think the
format is

<imagemap-name><optional whitespace>:<optional whitespace><file-spec>

from the imagemap.c code.

    >> You could also get this kind of error if you have a version
    >> mismatch so that the (presumably) old version of the imagemap
    >> script (script? the NCSA version is a C program) is failing to
    >> send headers required by the new version.

    Jim> There's only ever been one imagemap file.

I guess that kills the version mismatch theory.

    Jim> I thought I followed Apache's set-up instructions to a T, but
    Jim> I've missed something somewhere and it's buggin' the **** out
    Jim> of me.

Do other CGI scripts work?  If not, your ScriptAlias (or equivalent)
is wrong.

Other than that, it seems to me that probably the problem is in your
imagemap configuration.  Try creating a file imagemap.conf with the
line $CGI_HOME/

in it and put in your CGI directory.  Put imagemap.conf in
$HTTPD_HOME/conf.  $CGI_HOME is probably not the absolute path, but
the path from the pseudo-root that your HTTPd operates under.  (Note
that you have to fill in those variables yourself, they're my
notation, not the server's.)  Make sure that you've got the imagemap's 
link correct in the HTML.

Good luck.


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