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Re: [tlug] Port forwarding/UPnP in Japan

Oh man, this thread just extended a big project for me.  Right now, my pantry is a mess.  Between the box of senbei and basket of dry noodles, I currently have:

From there, I have a long run from the ER4 up into the attic, out an eave vent, down the side of a gutter drain, then in through a window to my home office with most of the rest of my network.  lol

I've been unhappy with the direction Ubiquity has been going for the past couple of years and have finally decided on moving to MikroTik.  I've taken an online lab course to get the basics down for their gear.  Now, you guys show me that I might be able to consolidate even further by replacing the NTT monolith with an SFP ONU.  Nice!  So, maybe my new pantry setup will end up looking like:

And if I'm going to all this trouble, I may as well finally have NTT turn on ipv6 for me.

On 11/5/23 07:58, Christian Horn wrote:
On Sat, Nov 04, 2023 at 10:47:00PM +0800, Stephen Lee wrote:
Stephen Lasseter <> wrote:
Which NTT router do you have?  On mine, I'm able to expose the ONU from 
an unlabeled tab. I then disconnect the RJ45 side of that (which 
connects to the NTT router in the same housing), and connect my own 
router to the ONU.
PR-500KI, which includes a SFP fiber connector.
Sorry for not mentioning the term directly - just now looked it up.
This makes it different from routers with plain rj45 ports.

Like this I guess?

Also seems you can ask NTT to replace the Home Gateway with just a
SFP ONU, for a fee.
That's a nice option, had not seen one could ask for plain SFP ONU.


Stephen Lasseter [スティーブン ラサター]
openpgp: 0x90F3EBAF

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