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Re: [tlug] Port forwarding/UPnP in Japan

Which NTT router do you have?  On mine, I'm able to expose the ONU from an unlabeled tab. I then disconnect the RJ45 side of that (which connects to the NTT router in the same housing), and connect my own router to the ONU.

- Stephen

On 11/4/23 16:57, Christian Horn wrote:
Hi lain.,

On Tue, Oct 31, 2023 at 08:46:47AM +0900, lain. wrote:
If you're using NTT as the internet backbone instead of KDDI, you can
attach a different router to your modem that does support this feature.

An alternative is to look into a static IP provider which lets you
continue to be a customer of your current ISP, while at the same time
circumventing all of their restrictions in this regard (like the
multiple layers of NAT).
Thanks a lot for the hints, I was not aware some of the providers
in NTT flets feature static IPs.

Regarding hardware, I have to stick with the official one as I have no
own ONU, but the fiber terminates in the NTT router.
Will reconsider all of this, probably for now not run services



Stephen Lasseter [スティーブン ラサター]
openpgp: 0x90F3EBAF

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