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Re: [tlug] Port forwarding/UPnP in Japan

On 2023年11月04日 08:57, the silly Christian Horn claimed to have said:
> Thanks a lot for the hints, I was not aware some of the providers
> in NTT flets feature static IPs.
> Regarding hardware, I have to stick with the official one as I have no
> own ONU, but the fiber terminates in the NTT router.
> Will reconsider all of this, probably for now not run services
> directly.
> cheers,
> Christian

Please reply to the mailing list instead of just me + the mailing list
in the CC, since we're both subscribed to the same mailing list, it'll
arrive in my mailbox as well anyway.

No need to have a special hardware, you can just hook any router with
PPPoE functionality to the NTT modem, configure PPPoE to those
providers, and assign the static IP to a web server.
You can't do this on a KDDI gateway, because that thing is also a
router, connecting any router to it renders you unable to connect to the
internet, which is rather frustrating.


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