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Re: [tlug] Receiving money internationally

On 8/29/22 23:31, Raymond Wan wrote:
.  Another idea I just had is that HSBC is a UK bank and it seems to
have a Japanese branch (  Perhaps you can
call them up?  Maybe they can offer some suggestions (most likely
not...) -- maybe they're from the same "family" and can offer a way to
transfer money to you, if the other side banks with HSBC as well.

Greetings you all! Not the case. I remember entering one of remaining "HSBC" branches (in Yokohama), back in 2012 already more than a decade ago. "HSBC" doesn't do "retail" (ordinary folks like me) banking in Japan.

I strongly recommend getting yourselves a "digital bank" account. Things like "P*yP*l", "Wise" and so many others fall into the category of "payment processors". They kinda look similar but aren't. A real online bank account is "N26", "Revolut" and others. It's true about the constrains of registration but you can get yourself around those with your street address in Europe, in my case.

And BTW, how I would say the banking system is the absolute, absolute parasite of society. Specially those old, old ones like "HSBC".

I wish you all well. フェルナンド

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