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Re: [tlug] International transfers

On Tue, Aug 30, 2022 at 05:03:59PM +0900, Ian Lawrence Barwick wrote:
> I should also note that the payments have always arrived in my Shinsei
> account within a
> couple of days of being sent; the sending accounts (there have been two separate
> ones) were based in the UK. 

German bank account -> Shinsei took 5 days for me.

> My main gripe with Shinsei is that they accept signatures but insist
> they must identical
> right down to the molecular level, so I ended up having to get a hanko
> made (insert
> facepalm emoji here). 

Shinsei accepts signature instead of hanko, but you better remember
whether you used first name + last name, or just last name, or
something else for the initial signature.  When later setting up
振り込み for utilities, the signature is checked.

I think IBAN makes things easier, and in Europe there are also
now for at least some transfers rules on how long they are 
allowed to take.
It was my understanding that for Japan banks, just being 
connected via swift, more manual checking is needed.


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