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Re: [tlug] International transfers

First, I'd like to thank everybody for their information.  Really

Ian Lawrence Barwick writes:

 > FWIW I used to use my Shinsei bank

This advice was worth it just for the introduction to the best
commercial website I've seen for a native Japanese business (the
English page doesn't seem to explain business accounts, which I may
want in the future).

 > account to receive payments from overseas. IIRC there was a ca. 2000 yen handling fee for each
 > transaction

Order of magnitude (log 2 ;-) is plenty accurate enough.

All the rest of the information is very helpful.  Pretty much narrows
it down to either Wise or Shinsei or maybe existing Joyo account, need
to check cost but I think it was 3500 yen (+ $25 on the BA side) last
time I did a wire transfer.

Again, thanks to all who responded!  If this works out well, I'll be
able to actually buy a round at the next in-person meetup. ;-)


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