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Re: [tlug] Receiving money internationally

On 8/29/22 23:31, Raymond Wan wrote:
.  Another idea I just had is that HSBC is a UK bank and it seems to
have a Japanese branch (  Perhaps you can
call them up?  Maybe they can offer some suggestions (most likely
not...) -- maybe they're from the same "family" and can offer a way to
transfer money to you, if the other side banks with HSBC as well.

Greetings you all! Not the case. I remember entering one of remaining "HSBC" branches (in Yokohama), back in 2012 already more than a decade ago. "HSBC" doesn't do "retail" (ordinary folks like me) banking in Japan.

I strongly recommend getting yourselves a "digital bank" account. Things like "P*yP*l", "W*s*" and so many others fall into the category of "payment processors". They kinda look similar but aren't. A real online bank account is " N26 ", " Revolut " and others. It's true about the constrains of registration but you can get yourself around those with your street address in Europe, in my case.

And BTW, how I would say the banking system is the absolute, absolute parasite of society. Specially those old, old ones like "HSBC".

I wish you all well. フェルナンド

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