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Re: [tlug] [slightly OT] SMTP and the internet, protocols and the internet

>  > Maybe mail is already down to only the big players like gmail. t-online,
>  > gmx, yahoo.
> No, there are probably 10s or 100s of millions of domains that handle
> their own mail still.  Granted, anybody doing a lot of mail probably
> benefits from using the big providers for high availability and
> relatively good spam filtering.

My guess is that it is more like 10s or 100s of *thousands* of domains.
If you actually want mail delivered and received reliably, it is
incredibly hard work, and you need to be familiar with all kinds of
standards and guidelines. And if you don't follow Google's guidelines or
vote for their choice of politician (*) they won't deliver your mail.
RFCxxx or not.


*: Just joking. It is still 2021. That upgrade to google mail comes next
year :-)

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