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Re: [tlug] [slightly OT] SMTP and the internet, protocols and the internet

Hallo, Chris!

On 1/13/21 8:28 AM, Christian Horn wrote:
.oO(How many Germans does it take to exchange a light bulb?
     One.  Germans are efficient and have no humour..)

... Along those lines, I suspect it's some " friction " between your provider and your registrar ("Gandi") for the " .NET " type of domain. Your current whois data is " REDACTED FOR PRIVACY ", also.

Still concerning the " FQDN ", there I'm pretty, pretty sure MTA software such as " PostFix " can only support the complete, <host name>+<domain name> format.

Back to the registrar aspect, I've been trying for years and years grasp a notion of who is a " top tier " registrar company worldwide, far, far away from the masses of " NameCheap ", " GoDaddy " and such...

Anyways. Good exchanging with all of you out there! フェルナンド

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