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Re: [tlug] From an enthusiast TLUG follower

Benjamin Kowarsch writes:

 > Subrange types were a Pascalian innovation. I don't know of any curly
 > braces language that adopted them. Do you know of any?

I'm sure Pascal did not check subranges at compile time.

 > Once upon a time there were Dykstra, Hoare and Wirth preaching
 > type safety and their teachings had weight.

Yup.  The programs and languages that followed their teachings were so
weighty they sank in the quicksand of real problems without a trace. ;-)

 > And then came people like Linus Thorvalds

Oh, no, you don't.  Before Linus came Richard (Gabriel, 1989)., read the whole thing,
but pay careful attention to paragraphs containing the word "virus".
OTOH, python -m this is shorter (though later, Peters, 1999).

 > The industry is now ridden with people who think type systems and
 > strong typing are something that belongs into a museum.

Those people have names, you know, like "CIO" and "CTO". :-)

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