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Re: [tlug] Calibre/ebook readers

How many Open-Source Ebook formats are there and where are the specifications?

Personally I can't run any Windows/Mac/Linux applicatons under
ordinary circumstances anyway which makes however well they are coded
somewhat moot.

But that doesn't stop me from stripping out text from what I do have
(and I have a decent library I think) for viewing in a basic text


P.S.: I actually run AmigaOS on a PowerPC machine, yeah,  niche within
a niche setup.
 (see ACube Systems SRL homepage for a sam440flex motherboard to see specs)

On 8/29/20, Darren Cook <> wrote:
> Chris wrote:
>> his coding prowess doesn't give me warm fuzzies about the quality of
> the rest of the codebase, so I don't run Calibre.
> I've been frustrated by Calibre by its desire to take ownership. E.g. if
> I double click an epub file just to see what is inside it, it gets added
> to my library. (I think it might take a copy of them, too?)
> I have foliate on my list to look at, as an alternative:
> While on the subject, any comments on Japanese ebooks on Linux? It seems
> English publications are more likely to be in DRM-free format; some
> Japanese publications even seem to want you to install their own app.
> Darren

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