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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu 20.04 (Was: Ubuntu 18.04 - changing grub parameters)

On 4/28/20 8:31 AM, Jim Breen wrote:
Anyway the next thing was to see if the issue with the NVIDIA graphics
card was fixed, which meant removing the "nomodeset" option from the
grub parameters. The short answer is that almost nothing has changed -
it's back freezing once I get to the login page. This time, however, I
can get Alt-Ctrl-F3 to work occasionally, so I've been able to edit
the /etc/default/grub file, but when I tried to run "update-grub2" it
just hangs. A few sites suggesting tracking down and killing a couple
of processes which might be blocking it. Unfortunately at that stage
I've still got the screwed-up keyboard and can't pipe ps's output
through grep.

Any suggestions on this? If I can get 20.04 back where it was a couple
of hours ago I can live with it (no "suspend" is the main problem.)
Failing that, it will be a complete new install, which is a pain.

Hello there! The feedback is appreciated. (I may sound like an Ubuntu tech representative, which I'm not). When you say things like " when I tried to run "update-grub2" it just hangs ", it's weirdness land to me. Shouldn't definitely be happening.

Few things I hold certain in this life, one of them is between major releases such as this, you start from scratch. I mean, I create a new " GPT " disk table (can't remember is you're dual-booting here). Worth every second of time for long-term new installs.

Now, have you looked entering the " BIOS " hardware settings on anything " ACPI " related (can't remember from your previous posts if you did)? You would look for " ACPI " and power management settings and tweak with them with little reason. Or, again, just try to start from scratch with " LOAD DEFAULTS " and " SAVE " on " BIOS " settings.

From own experience, if you disable (for example) processor power management on " BIOS " (when available), helps! Let the installed (latest) software do its thing, instead.

I therefore would focus on " BIOS " settings now (of course, assuming your hardware is okay).

Thank you. Fernando.

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