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Re: [tlug] Ubuntu 18.04 - changing grub parameters

>> I've noticed Ubuntu's support of NVidia cards has improved
>> noticeably the last couple of years.  

Whenever my Linux notebook crashes I suspect the nvidia drivers, but
still can't be certain on that.

The crashes are rare, but almost always happens with a failed
wake-from-suspend, leaving me with a black screen and no keyboard
response; sometimes SSH from another machine on the LAN will still work
though. We've another machine where closing the lid without manually
choosing suspend first will cause xfce settings to reset... still
haven't tracked down that problem either.

Since I moved to the latest version of cuda, there has also been a weird
thing where I've needed two reboots in a row to get a responsive system.

> Trying 19.10 is on my list if I can't make any progress with 18.04.

It could be that you need the latest kernel. Both your CPU and GPU were
released in the last 12 months.

Switching to the latest kernel (rather than the Ubunutu/Mint suggested
one) fixed something for me when I was setting this machine up... I
think it was having trouble getting brightness controls to work.


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