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Re: [tlug] White Box: Some Assembly Required ...

On Saturday, June 23, 2018 08:31 AM, CL wrote:
> Then I'll try to work out how to apply the patch and connect the two 
> remaining original RAID disks and the two "free" HDDs to the card to see 
> whether I can now see four more HDDs.
> What could possibly go wrong?  Right?

As you don't have data on the drives, I guess the only issue
I can see is wasting your own time.  I can't imagine you
could do irreversible damage to any of these parts (unless
someone else here sees something that I/we cannot).

I suppose it is a good idea to try to get this right from
the beginning.  Once you have data on the drives, rebuilding
a RAID becomes a'll need to copy the data over to
an empty drive and wipe everything on the RAID.

Good luck!


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