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Re: [tlug] White Box: Some Assembly Required ...

CL <> wrote:
> - A Kuroto Shikou 10-port SATA3 controller card which is mounted in the 
> second PCIe x16 slot (x4) (and which reports it is AHCI
> When I boot up, I can only see two of the controller card mounted HDDs.  

If you are talking about this card

It says it is an ASM1062 (PCIe 2 port SATA controller) plus two JMB575
(1 to 5 port SATA port multiplier).  Port multipliers should in theory
work under linux, but it is not a very common configuration so it is
possible there are some bugs handling them, e.g. this one:

which was reported as bug 1611945 and seemingly not yet fixed.

Perhaps that exact bug is not the reason for your "only seeing
2 drives out of 10" problem, but I think port multiplier related issues
is where you should start your search about it.

Stephen Lee <>

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