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Re: [tlug] White Box: Some Assembly Required ...

On 06/26/2018 12:04 AM, Stephen Lee wrote:
CL <> wrote:
The other four disks are connected to the add-in card and all are
visible.  I didn't have to make the adjustments suggested.
Did you figure out why you were only seeing 2 drives before?

The problem _may_ have been power connector related.  When I have / create issues such as this, my first step is to disassemble, wipe all male connectors with contact cleaner and re-assemble.  Some of the plugs going into the modular power supply felt loose when removed, so extra care was taken to plug them back in and making sure the barbed tip of the holder snapped firmly into place.  It _may_ also have been improperly placed data cord connectors at the very crowded HDD end.

But, the odd thing is that when I was seeing the problem, I was always seeing one Bank 1 (1-5) and one Bank 2 (6-B) HDD, regardless of how I configured the connectors at the add-in board.

So the correct answer is "all of these," "none of these," or "something else."  However, with the current, "it all just works" condition I will be checking daily, then weekly for a while.  I don't like to attribute things to dumb luck.


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