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Re: [tlug] White Box: Some Assembly Required ...

On Fri, Jun 22, 2018 at 10:39 PM, CL <> wrote:
> When I boot up, I can only see two of the controller card mounted HDDs.
> I've tried switching the cables around and I have two ten-packs of SATA3
> cables that I've switched in and out with no change.  I can remove all
> of the 3Tb RAID HDDs and start / view them individually in Lubuntu when
> they're mounted in a USB chassis.  I have changed cables around and can
> always see two, but not always the same two.
> In the course of researching the problem, and before I sent this, I
> found an AMD report on the SB950 chipset which says that it can only be
> used for hardware RAIDs of four disks or less, which means that I should
> be trying to make a software RAID from the six HDDs.

This isn't a type of problem I've had to deal with before so I'm not
sure if I can help...

But just wondering:

1)  Have you tried creating a hardware RAID of just 4 disks instead of
6.  Does it work?  I mean, assuming the drives are new and empty, you
can always give it a try and then reconfigure them later.

2)  If it can build a hardware RAID of four disks or less, is there an
issue of connecting those 6 drives to it?  For example, could you
create two RAIDs -- one with 4 drives and another with 2?

I've only built a software RAID once and my experience with it was
negative.  (Granted, it could also be because I'm inexperienced.)  So
that's something I wouldn't know how to do or know the pros/cons of...


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