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[tlug] Rust Control

Not really directly Linux related but a sort of support question:

One of the main remaining problems coming out of the New Year's fire is rust formations on the heavy-duty chromed wire shelving I was using in my home office for printer and PC racks.  Got steel and brass wire wheels for the electric drill to remove the bigger stuff and some wipe on / wash off stuff to clean up, but it seems as though the de-rusted surfaces have to be primed and / or painted.  I am looking for a Naval Jelly type of product that contains dilute phosphoric acid (rin san or リン酸) and turns the previously rusted areas black and stabilizes the metal against future rust without a lot of other work or disassembly.

Anyone run into something like that in their local hardware store? I a not finding any references to any DIY product to handle this and the usual Amazon / Rakuten last chance suppliers come up blank. Everything seems to be a surface prep instead of a stabilizer.  If anyone has a brand name and, maybe the name of the store they got it from, please let me know.


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