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[tlug] VPN?

Hey all... it's me seeking advice again. I don't think I've asked about
this before, but if I have, maybe it was long enough ago to warrant
asking again :=)

So I'm currently using PIA for VPN service,  but thinking that I need to
make a change. I realize VPNs are far from being one-size-fits-all, but
does anyone have any recommendations? Here are my requirements:

* Need to be able to use on iOS (and Linux of course)
* Don't want to pay more than $4/month
* I only care about privacy, not circumventing regional restrictions, or
  heavy b/w use like torrenting or streaming.
* Don't want to use an NSA (or worse, FSB) honeypot :=)
* Would prefer one based in a jurisdiction outside of the US, but this
  is probably not a dealbreaker if all the other boxes are checked.

I don't know about the various protocols, but some of the providers'
sites say that OpenVPN is considered one of the best, if not the best
(i.e. most secure). That makes me glad that I'm using it with PIA now,
but there's a weird limitation with iOS - it seems Apple will not allow
app developers to make their own OpenVPN clients and offer them on App
Store, but force you to use their "OpenVPN Connect" app. That might be
ok (although smells suspicious), but I just found out that Apple's app
is on OpenVPN 1.2.9, while 2.4.6 has been stabilized on my Gentoo
system. WTH is up with that? This, ironically, makes it hard for me to
consider any VPN provider that is OpenVPN-only, based on the idea that
Apple's version is too far out of date.

Incidentally, the main reason I want to leave PIA is that I cannot use
them on the free wifi offered at Apple Stores. I've tried over and over,
at two different stores near my home. Not that Apple Stores are a place
I hang out often, but it just makes me wonder where else I might end up
being stuck without VPN when I really want it someday. A different free
VPN that I found _does_ work at the Apple Store. I asked them, and they
say they don't block VPNs. Go figure. Maybe it's the protocol used?

Finally, I do want to ask if anyone has any info about,
a provider that looks interesting to me, although they are OpenVPN-only.

Any info or advice much appreciated.


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